Seller Terms & Condition

The terms and conditions of the Seller and all additional policies and terms (if applicable) on the Site requires you, as a Seller, to access and use the Site and the Services, including our Mobile Application, for the purpose of selling directly to the Customer via the Site. These terms apply in addition to all other terms (including our Terms of Use, Terms of Sale, and Privacy Policy) and any other policies and additional terms. By accessing and / or registering and / or continuing to use or access our Services, you as a Seller agree to be bound by these Terms and Legal Documents immediately.

1) Our Services:

1.2) Kannzz provides services to you as a seller so that you can offer your products to customers who have registered with us on the site. Depending on the sales model and the services we provide or are provided by affiliated companies or other parties. Our services include:

(A) Storing, organizing and meeting the request (e.g. communicating with the customer about their purchase, obtaining payments from the customer and organizing delivery);

(B) shipment of the product from your warehouse /premises to the customer;

(C) Collection of payments and processing of payments;

(D) Call Center and Customer Service Insurance in accordance with our Terms of Use and Terms of Sale.

2.2) We have the right to determine the content, appearance, design and all other aspects of the Site and the Services (including the right to redesign, modify, remove and change the Content, Appearance, Design and other aspects of the Site and the Services and any element, aspect, part or feature thereof at any time and from time to time) , Delay or suspend listing, refuse listing, de-listing, or require you not to list any or all products at our sole discretion. We may, at our sole discretion, suspend any of your sales for the purpose of conducting an investigation if required, and have the right to refuse to process and / or restrict shipping destinations and / or to suspend and / or cancel any of your sales We consider this necessary for legal purposes or to ensure compliance with the seller's terms.

2) Sales Models:

2.1) The Sales Information that is provided to you must be detailed in the Service Annex, which is a prerequisite of the Seller. The classification of each type of product must be strictly detailed according to its sales model. In cases where the product is stored and listed by you and delivered to the customer by us, the order must be made within the time specified in your account.

To ensure the effectiveness of our site, we reserve the right to suspend or block your account for the following reasons:

  1. A) Delays in delivery in accordance with the agreed time period;
  2. B) High level of returns;
  3. C) Negative feedback from customers;
  4. D) Cancel a product or order that has been confirmed by the customer.

3) Your obligations as a seller:

3.1) Your obligation to read legal documents and, full knowledge of the eligibility requirements and account information necessary to open a seller account and your responsibilities when you are using the Site, including with respect to prohibited products in accordance with the Terms of Use.

3.2) In addition to your obligations regarding legal documents, unless otherwise agreed by us, you must comply with the following conditions:

  * Delivery of the product in accordance with the packaging conditions and other instructions we will notify you in writing and in advance,

  * Safe packaging and transportation of products by means of minimizing the risk of product damage;

* Obtain all necessary documents, permits and approvals for the delivery of the product,

* Arrange the receipt of products from our warehouse which are subject to a return, replacement or rejection request from us at the stage of product quality inspection.

* A 12-month warranty is provided for some products regarding malfunctions that may occur after the purchase. A 24-month warranty is required on all electronic products. And at our absolute discretion return the amount to the customer.

* Continuity in taking responsibility to after sales, warranties and maintenance operations.

* The importance of providing us with VAT registration data and the accuracy and correctness of the data you provide us with regards to registration and any additional information we may request later.

* Update your pricing making sure to add VAT to the product price.

3.3) As such, you know that it is our priority to satisfy customers' desire and ensure a successful experience through our website, and that we will serve customers to enhance their shopping in terms of delivery, return and replacement and guarantee products under the terms of sale. Therefore, you agree to provide the necessary assistance to be able to satisfy customers and agree to:

(A) accepting the return of the product in the event the customer wishes to return the product under The Terms of Sale;

(B) replace or return any product returned by the Customer under The Terms of Sale and ensure that the return or replacement is made within a reasonable time.

(C) Undertake all necessary procedures to return the amount to the User.

3.4) Your full acceptance that you will receive orders or products that the customer will return in the event that he expresses his wish to cancel the order or because the product has failed in the process of quality inspection, and will also return the products that have been classified as undeliverable and it will  take seven working days. Products that will be returned at the discretion of the customer will take twenty-one (21) days or thirty (30) days for worldwide shipments.

3.5) You may be subject to a full fine if you refuse to execute an application for one of the following reasons:

1) The product displayed in your warehouse is not available or the quantity runs out even though it appears in your seller's account.

2) Incorrect pricing for the product in your seller account.

3.6) In addition, you also agree to:

1) We can buy the product from you for any reason and then sell it to the customer, at our sole discretion, in which case the warranty and return policy and the terms of use will remain in force.

2) The right to refuse to receive the product from you in the following cases:

* If the product is damaged.

* In case the product does not meet the requirements of packaging and packaging or quality or other conditions of our own.

* Lack of required documents.

* The product does not comply with the seller's terms or any other laws.

* Retain ownership of all products until the customer receives and paid for.

* At our sole discretion, we have the right to dispose of your products if we refuse or return them by the customer, within a maximum period of 15 days from the date you receive the rejection or return text.

In order to facilitate transactions between you and the customer, we will provide invoices and notices on your behalf in an e-mail format based on your VAT record.

4) Fees and Payments:

4.1) We may charge fees for:

1) In case we have listed the products on your behalf.

2) a certain percentage of the sale transaction

3) use our delivery and storage services or other services,

4) Custom duties we may be liable for when we provide our services to you.

5) costs that we may incur if you violate any of the conditions.

6) Other charges We will notify you in advance.

4.2) You will be able to verify the validity of the sales reports through your own account, as it will include the amount collected as a result of the sale of your products minus the applicable fees.

4.3) Sales proceeds will be deposited weekly in your bank account. Sales proceeds are deposited only in bank accounts in the UAE.

4.4) Agree to the possibility of applying discounts to your products and in this case, we will add the discount in the invoice provided by you to the customer.

4.5) According to Article (54) of the UAE VAT Law, the recoverable input tax is defined as follows:

"The recoverable tax amount that a taxable person may claim for the tax period is the sum of taxes paid for the sale of goods and services to be used or intended for use." The legal distribution includes the following:

* Taxable supplies,

*Supplies manufactured outside the country, which would have been taxable if manufactured within the country.

*Supplies provided for in the Executive Regulation of the Law as those manufactured outside the United Arab Emirates, which would have been exempt from tax if manufactured within the State.

4.6) If you provide us with VAT data, we will invoice the customer on your behalf and will also send you the full amount received from the customer after deducting any of our commissions.

4.7) If you do not provide us with your VAT registration details, we may purchase the product from you and resell it to the customer, and accordingly you agree that five percent (5%) of the total amount will be transferred to you unless You are offered a VAT invoice.

4.8) Notwithstanding any condition contrary to these Seller Terms and without infringing our other rights and remedies, you agree to our right to:

1) Fully retain any amounts due in your favor to compensate for all losses and damages that may be incurred either by you as a seller or from us, including, but not limited to:

* Products that do not require the intellectual property rights of others.

* Improper behavior on your part (fraud, counterfeiting).

2) When you suspend or close your account or terminate your use of our Services, we will have the right to set off (reimbursement) between the amounts to be paid to you in an amount that we will determine which is sufficient to cover refunds, refunds, modifications, or Other amounts paid to customers regarding your sales for a period of three (3) months. At the end of the three (3) month period following suspension or termination, we will disburse any amount unused to you to reimburse refunds, refunds, modifications, or other payments made to buyers or request compensation from you through any of the following means: , For any additional amount required to reimburse refunds, refunds, modifications, or other payments made to buyers as follows:

* By deducting future payments from you.

* Charge on credit card.

* Cancel any stipulated balance for your account.

* Work for compensation from you by any other permitted method.

You hereby authorize us to use any or all the above methods of compensation, including debit from your credit card or bank account.

4.9) Fully agree to our full indemnification and discharge, which means indemnification and discharge of our company, managers, officials, employees, suppliers and licensors relating to our company and against any losses, damages and other expenses including legal fees and attorney’s fees that may or Relating to any claims or requests made by any third party as a result of your failure to comply with the Terms (3.2).

5) Intellectual Property

5.1) Grant a non-exclusive, fee-free, permissible, transferable, and transferable license, permanent and universal for the use of your trademarks and other intellectual property rights that you may provide to us in order to provide services to end users.

6) Guarantees, representations and undertakings

6.1) You hereby undertake to:

1) You have full authority to agree to these Seller Terms, and your full commitment always and the applicable laws, regulations and statutory legislation, including but not limited to:

    Anti-bribery, anti-corruption, export control and sanctions laws

Consumer protection laws;

* Import terms,

* Customs duties and other direct and indirect taxes

2) The importance of obtaining all necessary licenses, permits, property rights and approvals in listing the products or which are listed on your behalf in order to sell these products and display them in the UAE.

3) The accuracy of your listed products and their compliance with the required quality and safety standards set in the UAE.

4) Ensure that all products are original and new (not refurbished or used) and free from defects.

5) take full responsibility for the obligations incurred when the customer or any third party purchases the goods listed on the site

6) Have the authority to grant licenses in accordance with the terms of the seller and that the content or products you list do not infringe the rights of third parties anywhere in the world, including but not limited to, any “intellectual property” rights, whether registered or unregistered.

7) Insert a picture of the product with high accuracy and correct, and if the resolution is not high or dimensions were not correct, you will have to pay additional shipping costs.

6.2) We will provide the Services to you on an "as is" basis without providing any representations, warranties or conditions of any kind and we shall disclaim all warranties, conditions and representations, whether express, implied or affiliated, without limitation, All terms, representations or warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose or general purpose, non-infringement or compatibility, that the Services are safe, error-free, or operate without interruption or proper or timely delivery; Not at all.

6.3) Despite our attempts to be very accurate, we do not guarantee that the product description or other content will be reliable or error-free, so you should review the contents of your listings and do not attempt to blame our officials for not Precision.

7) Anti-Counterfeiting:

7.1) It is strictly forbidden to list any counterfeit or counterfeit products on the Site. All products must be genuine and reliable to be displayed and sold, and counterfeit and prohibited products include counterfeit products, or pirated copies of products or content, or counterfeit products. Unlawfully copied, produced or remanufactured.

7.2) Ensure that all products you are offering are genuine, non-counterfeit and do not infringe the intellectual property rights of any third party who will be fully responsible if you breach the order.

7.3) We have the right to verify and ensure that all products exposed on the Site are genuine and non-counterfeit products, and if it is confirmed to the contrary, at our sole discretion we will take the following actions:

1) You will be responsible for paying damages not less than twenty thousand dirhams, in addition to any other fines imposed by any government authority or entity.

2) Any payments due to us will be suspended or suspended until the case is considered and resolved.

3) We may impose a fine on your behalf to us as compensation for all direct and indirect losses caused by the non-genuine product when sold on the Site.

7.4) If you do not meet the conditions and pay compensation and fines, we will impose temporary lock on you.

8) Liability

Nothing in the Terms shall be exempt from liability for:

1) Fraud by this party.

2) death or injury resulting from negligence on the part of that party or,

3) Any other liability which may not be condoned or exempted under the applicable law.

8.2) Neither our company nor any of the employees, officials, agents, suppliers, contractors, or licensors shall bear any negligence or

Breach of legal duty or otherwise, loss of profits, loss of data or information, interruption of business or any special direct, indirect, related or non-related damages even if we or any of our agents, employees, licensors, contractors, Our suppliers have the possibility of such damages.

8.3) To the extent permitted by Applicable Law, we (Our company or any employees, directors, officers, agents, suppliers, contractors, or licensers, you acknowledge that you agree to be responsible for any liability for any damages or losses directly or indirect:

1) Content or other information you provide when you use the Services of the Site.

2) Any problem or damage to the product occurs before we receive your product.

3) Crashes or errors (inaccuracies) of any kind of our services, viruses or other malware that you may encounter when you access our services.

4) Damage to your computer due to the use of our site.

5) Any other suspension or action we may take with your use of the Services.

6) You are not able to do business or need to change the content due to changes in the terms.

8.4) Considering all the clauses and non-violation in the implementation, or negligence or breach of legal duties and conditions, and the minimum value of:

1) Product price displayed on our website and original shipping cost.

(2) The value of the disputed fees, provided that the value of such fees shall not exceed the total value of the fees paid to us within 12 months prior to the action leading to the liability, or:

* AED 300.

8.5) You agree to indemnify and hold us (our Company or any of the employees, directors, officials, agents, suppliers, contractors or licensors) and take responsibility for any expenses, losses or damages including legal fees and attorneys' fees related to:

1) We refuse to receive your product in accordance with the stipulated conditions.

2) Any requests or claims filed by customers on our website.

3) Your breach of any of the terms and conditions, including without limitation any warranties, representations or undertakings.

4) Your failure to comply with applicable law, including, but not limited to, data protection law, anti-cyber-laws, anti-bribery, corruption, export control and sanctions laws?

5) How you use our services, including without limitation, any infringement of any data, products or trademarks that are listed by the intellectual property rights of others or that the content you provide is defamatory, defamatory, or in violation of any other rights, including (privacy rights) .

9) Suspend and terminate your account:

9.1) At our sole discretion, we may restrict, suspend or withdraw your right to access our Services and / or delete existing Content provided by you if:

1) You have breached the stipulated conditions.

2) We have refused to receive the product from you under the terms.

3) You have not cooperated with us in any investigation by us or any private or governmental entity.

4) Not committed to achieving the agreed performance indicators.

9.2) Any termination or breach of these Terms, for any reason, shall not:

1) Affects the rights or obligations of either party.

2) Affects any stipulated conditions.

10) Confidentiality:

10.1) You maintain the confidentiality of the information that we may provide to you or that you receive as a result of your use of the Services. You may not disclose, disclose, use or copy any confidential information without our written consent. Contractors need to know your personal data and do not include:

1) Data known or becoming known to you, either directly or indirectly

(2) Data which becomes publicly known and which require non-confidentiality or private ownership;

3) Things that are especially developed by you.

4) The data that you are required to disclose by any government agency or by law, if you give us appropriate written notice.